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Submitted by Liliana Caldero on Mon, 04/18/2022 - 13:18

LIA has developed a new Z136 website with an improved user experience. Active user accounts have been copied over to the new website, and first-time log-in instructions were emailed in March 2022 and are also provided below. If your existing account became inactive prior to this transition, it may not have been moved over to the new website. If you have not received an email with log-in instructions, email to confirm if your account has been moved over.

New membership applications should be made through the new website. If you have a pending membership application on the old website, you may have to re-apply on the new website.

To access the new website, visit

The old website URL ( will remain temporarily available during this transition and will soon redirect to the new website URL.

Your new username is the primary email address associated with your account (the email address that received this message).
Passwords were not copied over. In order to access your account, you must follow the prompts to reset your password here: password

DO NOT create a new account. Your account has already been created.
If you have trouble accessing your account or have any other questions/concerns, please email and CC so we can assist you.

If you did not have an account on the old website, you will have to follow the process to create a new account here: 

We did our best to import all of the details of your previous account. Please check the accuracy of your new account details when you log in. If your contact information is outdated, please take a moment to edit your profile and update your information. If you notice that your membership details are inaccurate, please contact me so that I can correct them.


Thanks for bearing with us during this transition; we look forward to your feedback to improve this new website and hope that you enjoy this updated user interface.

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