The ADCOM (i.e. Administrative Committee) of ASC Z136 shall consist of the Committee Chair, Vice-Chair, past Chair, Committee Secretary, the administrative secretary, a representative of the Secretariat, and one or more members-at-large from the Committee. The ADCOM shall be responsible for the following: (a) Organizing the Committee (b) Developing Committee policies and procedures (c) Overseeing the Committee's compliance with these procedures (d) Appointing Subcommittee Chairs, subject to confirmation by the Committee (e) Reviewing Subcommittee Project Initiation Requests (Appendix A) (f) Reviewing responses to requests for bona fide interpretations prior to distribution back to the requestor (g) Reviewing all applications for Committee membership (h) Recommending action by the Committee on applications for new members (i) Recommending removal of members of the Committee for inactivity or other reasons subject to review by the Committee (j) Interacting with ANSI on general matters such as publication, and policy and procedure

  • Chair
    Sheldon Zimmerman
  • Vice-Chair
    C.D. Clark
  • Secretary
    Edward Early