Z136 Standards Committee


The Z136 Standards Committee (ASC Z136) for the Safe Use of Lasers is the consensus body for Z136 standards. Members of the Z136 Standards Committee represent stakeholders in various interest categories and choose to join 'Consensus Body Balloting Groups' that vote on the approval/disapproval of each Z136 standard. Membership in the Z136 Standards Committee is independent from membership in the Z136 subcommittees. While membership in a subcommittee is at the discretion of a subcommittee chair, membership in the Z136 Standards Committee requires a letter of application in addition to a CV, recommendation by the Z136 Administrative Committee (AdCom), and a majority vote of the members of the Z136 Standards Committee.

The scope of the Committee is to protect against hazards associated with the use of lasers.

  • Chair
    Sheldon Zimmerman
  • Vice-Chair
    C.D. Clark
  • Secretary
    Edward Early